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Playoff Preview: The South

We find ourselves at the tale end of the 2017 season with the contenders to take the two spots to represent the South in the semi finals, and maybe the teams that fell on the wrong side of the standings… and yes we know the season isn’t over, we just cant contain our excitement, nor can AP.



SEC North

The SEC North was shaping up to be one of the more interesting looking division for a race. However, a late withdrawal from the West Essex Showboats meant that the Aylesbury Spartans secured playoffs and became champs! This still meant that the Showboats had secured a playoff appearance by virtue of other results. The seeding will definitely be a big factor in the success of both teams, with both hoping to avoid a cross conference giant. Look out for GB player, Jeff Bond to make a difference down the stretch (and the sidelines!).

SEC Central

In quite possibly the most stacked division in the UK. The Baker Street Buttonhookers have managed to clean up the conference, with a nail bitting game against the London Rebels at the last game day. After a Birmingham loss, this should mean a bye to ‘regional’ stage for the Buttonhookers, baring a late season loss. The Buttonhookers are a bit thin on the ground for that gamely too, so it could become a tasty day at PTF HQ, with all the tiebreakers out on the table, to scratch our heads with. The Rebels will be strong contenders as defending champions, their clutch ability is something that always keeps them in games against strong opposition. VPP deserve an honourable mention, and are the unlucky team to miss out in the division, the side competed strongly at Big Bowl, and will be one of the best sides to sit out the playoffs.

SEC South

The old but gold, Chichester Sharks led by veteran QB Neil Henderson, have secured their spot in the playoffs, a solid 8-4 is respectable given the teams they’ve had to play. Their experience in big games has proven invaluable is matchups of the past, but the Sharks haven’t quite had that killer edge for a few years. The Reading Lions however, are sat at 7-6 because of three forfeits, and only a game ahead of the Reading Knights. The Lions have probably had the toughest fixtures of the last few years, always accompanied by tough, experienced teams, usually meaning they’ve missed out. Like the Sharks, the Lions will want to build on this in a very tough round of fixtures for the SEC. The Knights could still knick a spot, the Knights are a largely unheard of team. But have turned their fortunes around in the last season, improving greatly through support of the university.

SWC North

The North was shaping up to be a quietly intriguing division at the mid point of the year, with the Lions escaping to an undefeated start. The Cougars were in a scrap with Titans White to see who could pull out that 2nd spot. After a Cougars best ever finish of 24th at Big Bowl, they came back a different team and Kieran Eaton ran the show and rallied a second half of the season comeback for them. Unfortunately the Tibbles brothers, werent enough for the White to clinch a playoff spot, but managed a 6-8-1 record. If Coventry match up well, their speed can cause problems for teams. The Lions shock defeat to the Hurricanes will unlikely throw them off course, as they look to get back to Britbowl. It’ll be very interesting to see what team the Lions bring with them to the playoffs.

SWC Central

In the centre of the not so South Western Conference, a clean sweep for the Northants teams, as the Blues claim a 12-3 record with a fantastic 385 point differential, they’ll be a hot favourite in the playoffs, showing they can compete with the conference’s best. But will the absence of QB Adam Grindod be a big factor in crunch time? Time will tell. On the flip side, we saw that the Phantoms’ previous season performances were no fluke, however we’ll see how they fare in the tougher games, as they didnt fare so well against Cardiff earlier in the year.

SWC South

The division is a mess, when it comes to who can secure the 2nd spot, because pretty much anyone can! Cardiff dropped a game to Hereford in the last 30 seconds to start the year, and ever since have steadily improved to 12-2, including a monumental win over the Birmingham Lions, with seemed to had them drained for the day in sunny Northampton. Then dropping a game to the Titans Blue. Hereford were the early season favourites for 2nd place and it isnt out of reach, but they have already lost 7 and have to play Cardiff again. Their season was going well until they completely no showed at Big Bowl (karma?), will they snatch a 2nd place finish. Or will the Falcons remain at 2 after finishing their fixtures? It would’ve been an interesting finish to the season had the Thunder Ducks not had three forfeits dropping them to 5-8. But, its all the play for at 2nd place!

So who do you fancy from the South? Who are your two teams?

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