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Playoff Preview: The North

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HNC East

The Aberdeen Oilcats were always the favourites for the division and they ensured this with a 9-2 record. A good playoff boost will be getting GB Silver Lion Callum Stopani back into the squad. They’ve not quite edged the Hornets yet. But can they do it when it counts? The division is only 3 teams wide, something that needs to be looked into in the HNC, however the Edinburgh Outlaws with a 4-6 record locked up their spot to the Northern finals thanks to the Midlothian Sabres finishing 1-10.

HNC Central

 The ever consistent Broncos looked like they may have taken the conference this year with spirits high in the camp. However, like the Oilcats the Hornets proved too strong in depth for them. But a 10-1 record is no laughing matter. The Broncos will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs especially when they can bring a full squad along. Second place in the playoffs in yet another 3 team wide division were the Dunbeth Dragons at 5-5, they’ll be feeling very good after an 86-0 trashing of the struggling rookie Paisley Spartans.

HNC West

Glasgow (9-0) have as good as secured the #1 seed baring a hiccup, but they have won their division. The Hornets have been on a revenge tour this summer after losing out to the Rebels after a phenomenal play from Bill Ammons. GB HC and Hornets QB, Alan Young is currently sidelined from injury. But the progress shouldn’t holt the Hornets with the ever versatile Nicky Farrell stepping in. The second playoff spot is all to play for with the Clyde Comets (5-4) hoping to cash in with a 1 win lead over the Carnegie Renegades, which should make an interesting last game day.

MEC North

Perhaps the shock of the season so far is the Newcastle Blackhawks (14-0) wrapping up a #1 seed in the MEC and an undefeated record, and knocking off early favourites, Sheffield Giants. Joining them in the second spot are the Leeds Samurai (6-8), a late season scare almost meant the Samurai lost their place to a charging Knights team. Leeds will be advancing with caution as the lowest seed in the MEC.

MEC Central

Manchester v Manchester. Finishing top was… Manchester! But seriously, the 10-4 Titans took home the division, the addition of David McInally has been huge for the Titans, if they can polish their defence, we could see a very good side challenge the top dogs of the NORTH. The Crows are hot on their heels, and chasing a good pack, they’ll be the second lowest seed in the MEC. So it’ll be a upward battle for the Crows, overall they’ve had a good year at 8-4 but internally wanted to push on for the division title. Its not how you start, its how you finish…

MEC South

The Giants of the MEC and Sheffield, perhaps surprisingly dropped a game to take them to 13-1 this season, which means they’ll be going through as the #2 seed in the MEC. However their formidable defence got stronger with the addition of GB player Chris Winrow. The experience of Matt Lollar will maybe be missed at QB this post season, but a fresh start for GB’s Dean Whittingslow at QB, is this the year the Giants win that elusive Championship? The Vipers were hot on their heels for the entire year, the growth of the Vipers has been very positive over the last few years and a strong 10-4 record says so too.

Agree, disagree? Who are the Norths strongest two teams? Let us know below!


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