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SEC Division 1 – Week 5 Game Report

High scoring efforts all round during a hot afternoon in Buckingham.
A saucy opener between the top two – London Smoke & Southern Reapers – saw a close game where the lead changed hands various times on big plays and at the half saw Smoke leading only by 6 @ 27-21.

Some big missed opportunities by the Smoke gave the Reapers some breathing room, but execution let them down on both sides of the ball as the offence stalled with some turnovers and their D couldn’t withstand the Smoke onslaught. A fine and spirited game saw the Smoke pull away and the Reapers unable to keep up in a hard fought, heavy hitting contest, 54-33.

The next few games saw the IoW & London Lucky R’s fighting for their first wins, where the Lucky R’s proved the hungrier of the two against a determined Hell Hound team finishing 34-26.

The Lucky R’s played back to back games against the Reading Knights who looked to redeem themselves from a pair of setbacks against Smoke & Reapers at the last gameday in May – and indeed they proved too much for the Lucky R’s, who suffered a couple of notable injuries to leave them short handed on both sides of the ball, but toughing it out, falling prey to an on point Jay Bellamy who found paydirt 6 times. The final being Knights 42-Lucky R’s 6.

Whilst this played out both Wolves tussled for a important victory that would mean the difference between keeping up with the pack or falling away in the race. In a back and fourth affair that hung in the balance the entire game, a game-ending interception by the Bucks Wolves would see them seal a tight 40-38 win vs. Ware. Later the Knights oversaw a workman-like shut out victory over the Hell Hounds – 61-0, again Bellamy worked the opposition Defence over, ringing up 9 more scores and 7xps in a sterling effort against the league newcomers, who seemingly had no answers for them on either side of the ball.

The end of the day saw two more fixtures – Smoke & Bucks – Reapers & Ware.
After their heavy weight bout to open to the proceedings, the Reapers took out their frustration against Ware leading 32-6 at the half after their vertical attack went into overdrive. They stalled though coming out into the second half and gave Ware a glimmer of hope after 2 costly interceptions gave Ware short fields and quick scores. The Reapers composed themselves and went back to work finding their groove and
capping of their first score above 50, ending up 51-25 – Whilst this had gone on London Smoke put on their usual show and worked over the Bucks – ending up with a 62-12 mauling, despite Johnnie Kerr’s arm injury.

The next game day will be on the Isle of Wight on July 14th – where an important 2nd
place clash between the Southern Reapers and Reading Knights will take place as the
Reapers look to see off their friendly rivals and solidify their grip on the second spot.


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