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Division 1 Power Rankings: Week 4

The wait is over and so we can finally unveil the division one power rankings (sorry for the gap…)!

1. London Smoke (-)

Its not a surprising move for the Smoke to now be dominating this spot. However, they paid a very large amount of money to get a Big Bowl XII spot via the charity donation spot, and didn’t make it count. QB, Charlie Williams suffered an arm injury which really squandered their chances, we’re sure they’ll be back for more next year.

2. Warrington Revolution (-)

After much debating the Revolution maintain their second spot. They did however forfeit their space at Big Bowl XII, which we found disappointing as we felt it would’ve been a big  opportunity for them to really test themselves. However, in the league the Revolution have bigger problems with a host of teams chasing at their heels.

3. Nottingham Honey Badgers (+1)

The Honey Badgers are HOT. They are coming off fine form over the past few game weeks. The ‘Tom-Tom’ combo has been an easy find for Luca Rossini. Tom Snee and Tom Wallis have been a dynamic duo this season and reached a milestone of 50 team career touchdowns a piece. Bravo.

Honey Badgers’ Tom Wallis goes up! Photo by Rob Connor

4. Carnegie Flag (-1)

Another disappointing division one performance, however Carnegie get a pass as they didnt have the same team as previous. a rather harsh dropping of a space but we feel like the Honey Badgers have taken a slight edge.

5. Tydfil Trojans (+1

The charge continues as the Trojans jump another space. Richard Harris has been an absolute force for the Trojans, but he has needed to be with the absence of  Alex Thomas. Despite being without a QB, the Trojans have signed Cardiff’s backup QB, Andrew Krag for the remainder of the season. Some premiership experience could go a long way.

So we just about beat the transfer deadline and managed to pull off a big signing securing the services of Andrew Krag For the remainder of the season. Big thanks to @CardiffCanes for helping us get the deal through 10 minutes before… Click To Tweet

6. Northans Titans White (-1)

The Titans drop in part because of other teams’ great form. However, they’ll need to ensure their transfers within club don’t effect their season as their still a great team.

7. Wigan Bandits (New Entry!)

The Bandits have stormed into the #7 spot after some great form. Dino Vernazza’s squad have improved to a 7-1 record and 2nd place in the MEC West, and their snapping at the heels of the Honey Badgers.

8. Bedford Blackhawks (New Entry!)

Throwback… Friday?

After a controversial game last week (see the Quick Slant here!) the Blackhawks are in the rankings thanks to some great defence which has allowed the 2nd least amount of points in their division. Thats in addition to their huge 26-19 in over Titans White. They’ll need to keep up with the Titans and also the…

9. Coventry Panthers (New Entry!)

The Panthers lose a toss up ranking to the Blackhawks, however they’ll want to bounce back after a huge 38-6 loss to Titans White. We expect the 2nd place team to be one of the two above teams. Which should come down to the Blackhawks’ matchup against Titans White again next weekend.

10. Exeter Falcons (-)

At midseason the Falcons sit 6-2, but Lewis Phillips has to know that they are a much more capable team than they are showing currently. They need to find form on both sides of the ball, as they only hold a +1 point difference.



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