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The Quick Slant: Week 4

London Reigns Supreme

This weekend the Prem SEC showed why we claimed their division was the strongest in Britain. We did kick off the day with a VPP loss to the Hurricanes. But a shootout for the ages, coming down to a 4th and 5 was the difference between the Calvin Tarlton led Rebels and the Hurricanes this time, 60-53. Tarlton was in fine form, throwing numerous dimes to his talented receiver corps. The Rebels struggled early on with a close game against the Coventry Cougars, until the Cougars QB, Ben Eaton dislocated his knee, killing their momentum (we hope you get better quickly!). Meanwhile the Buttonhookers took the Lions to the butchers and made quick work of them scoring 60 points. Overall the Premiership SWC couldn’t keep pace with the SEC division, with Cardiff’s victory over VPP being the only cross conference win for the SWC. Whilst Cardiff pushed the Rebels hard, they couldn’t keep pace with a much improved Buttonhookers squad from Big Bowl XII. A prediction of ours in the preseason was to see three southern teams represent the final four.


“Its a r-effing disgrace!”

This preseason the BAFA flag board decided that an officiating class was to be mandatory following some poor and effortless performances from some sides. However, the community has seen pockets of teams really aggravated by the poor standard of officiating, despite the course.

Within the last week we’ve seen reports from the ever passionate Bedford Blackhawks, blaming officiating for their loss. They were however gracious that their opponents, Coventry Panthers were humble in victory.

This further backs up the point that in such an important set of games you cannot have division teams officiating. Atrocious refereeing and cost us the chance of a win.

The situation arose after, the Panthers offense stuttered with 39 seconds left in the game and the Hawks got the ball back. After a series of clutch throws from BB QB, Papworth, the game referee ended the game after the Blackhawks put the ball twice in the end zone, once claiming BB WR, Cooper had his knee down on the 1 yard line after he caught the pass in the end zone, was then pushed in the back which forced him out of the end zone and on to the floor. The ‘Hawks lined up quick to the goal line when they were flagged for a false start. The referee ended the game without the replay of down which can’t be declined or off set, according the the Blackhawks Facebook page.

Later on, the Calderdale Knights were hosts of another claim of bad officiating, accusing the Bears of missing clear cut calls. However the post generated a more positive conversation. The topic of ‘flag referees’ sounds very interesting, with a better knowledge base, some players could be ‘fully qualified’ to officiate flag games which could result in no need for rivals to officiate each other. There is naturally the money question, but it shouldn’t see an increase that isn’t reasonable to each players contribution to team entry for a supposed increase in standard of play.


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