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SEC Div 1 – We’re half way there…

First season of the tiered divisions and here’s what it looks like from SEC div 1 perspective at the midway point.

SEC Div1 – playground of the London Smoke, London Lucky R’s, Reading Knights, Buckingham Wolves, Ware Wolves, Isle of Wight Hellhounds and Southern Reapers.

Now let’s for the sake of argument discount the London Smoke (because quite clearly they belong in the Premiership as evidenced by their relentless score lines) , the rest of SEC Div 1 is fairly even, IoW & are playing with heart in their first season and despite mainly losses and a hard fought tie remain winless currently.
Likewise can be said of the Lucky R’s, who could’ve been in a slightly stronger position if on opening day they’d had just a couple of extra players.
The rest of the pack are pretty tight, with the Reapers sitting in second behind the smoke at 4-1-1, but having to face the smoke again in a couple of weeks.

Bucks are 3-2-1, Ware and Reading Knights are 3-3.
Just a game separates 2nd & 5th.
That means there’s no room for error. On anyone’s part as the Reading Knights recently found out as they slipped from 2nd to 5th after a pair of hard defeats to the Reapers & Smoke.

That puts the Reapers, both Wolves -Bucks & Ware – as well as Reading in a four way wrestling match for 2nd place in the SEC Div 1.
Is that tight? Or is that tight?

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