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Power Rankings: Premiership Week 4

1. Glasgow Hornets (-)

The Hornets played another slate of games on the weekend against MEC opponents. They were pushed a lot harder this time out compared to previous weeks. The #6 Titans came up 6 points short of a tie game. Which shows that points can be scored on the defence. But its the dink and dunk offence that no one can contain right now.

2. Baker Street Buttonhookers (-)

After a disappointing Big Bowl XII showing, the ‘Hookers were back with a vengeance this week. Vince Machi was on fine form despite illness. The ‘Hookers displayed their dominance in Coventry this weekend with a 3-0 record. The form will need to continue into the coming weeks against their London counterparts.

3. London Rebels (-)

After a game for the record books, the Rebels showed real character in their huge 60-53 win over #5 Cardiff. Calvin Tarlton looked as good as ever at the helm of the offence. Calvin put on a show, in part to a phenomenal bunch of WR’s that include French national Jeremy Meslien would can seriously put on a  show.

4. Aberdeen Oilcats (+6)

The Oilcats rise has been great. They’ve dropped one game against the Hornets, but look sure to be the #2 seed of the North right now. Stephen Elliot has been tearing it up from blitzer, which has freed up some responsibility from speedster, Calum Young. They’ll hope to maintain their seeding which could see them play a rematch of 2014 against the…

5. Cardiff Hurricanes (-1)

Cardiff had a reasonably disappointing weekend melting away in Coventry. They looked strong in the early heat against VPP. But they struggled as the day went on, not being able to convert a 4th and goal from the 7 to have a shot at winning or tying the game. As the ‘Hookers watched out, they managed to scout out the Hurricanes and comfortably defeat them by 3 scores. They’ll need to bounce back in conference play to tie up the #3 seed of the South.

6. Manchester Titans (+1)

Manchester see another increase in ranking despite a loss v the Hornets. However the loss had 6 points in it. The Titans will need GB star David MacInally to continue his work on offence and defence, where’s adding points. They’ll also need QB, Alan Mead to continue his great play.

7. Sheffield Giants (+1)

The Giants actually lost their game against the Oilcats by 6 points, however they did get wins over the Outlaws and the Broncos. They need to make sure QB, Dean Whittingslow can keep the ball moving for the Giants as he is a critical cog of the Giants offence. They have a wealth of talent that we want to see more from!

8. Victoria Park Panthers (-3)

VPP suffer a disappointing loss to a Cardiff side they’d have fancied their chances at, but ended up losing 52-20. They didnt have the best of Big Bowl’s either. But a George Roberts looks to bolster the attack on both sides of the ball along with ex-Honey Badger, Phil Hine.

9. Northants Titans (-1

The Titans will be disappointed to drop another game to the Reading Lions by two scores, but they are still in control despite their .500 record. New GB player, Ollie Tibbles really needs to get back to last years form with his brother and QB, Matt to carry the team home, in what looks to be some crucial conference games.

10. Grangemouth Broncos (-1)

The Broncos didn’t have the Big Bowl that we predicted for them, with two horrible injuries for Fraser Thomson (achilles) and then Kevin Woods (knee). Kevin is also out for the season as he is away which really will take away from the young core. The Broncos will need GB’s Callum Woods and Liam Fleming to really carry the workload for the rest of the season.

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