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Week 1 Power Rankings: Premiership

And so after a brief break from national league games in order to hold GB tryouts two weekends ago, and the King Bowl in the Netherlands this past weekend, we’re back with more league games!

1. Glasgow Hornets (+1)

Baker Street dropped a game, whilst the Hornets took care of business against their HNC rivals. Nicky Farrell is playing out of his skin for the Hornets, which allows the Hornets to not worry about one spot on the field all the time. They have to play the #10 Oilcats which will indicate where they could be in the rankings. They aren’t the leagues most in form team, but they have the experience to glide themselves through the HNC at the moment.

2. Baker Street Buttonhookers (-1)

The Buttonhookers didnt start the season on their script, with an early doors lose to the Rebels. However, they did later recover against Reading, and should seemingly brush off all the other teams in the division. It’ll be interesting to see how Baker Street handle their next round of fixtures against London & VPP, as they could very well be the deciders.

3. London Rebels (+1)

The Rebels blew a good chance to lead the division after a huge start to the day by defeating the Buttonhookers. However, the win shows their capabilities, with so many threats carrying the rock for the Rebels, its hard to see how they won’t score 30 points a game versus any team. They did drop a game against #5 VPP, however

4. Cardiff Hurricanes (+3)

The Hurricanes impressed as they hosted their first three games, dispatching the Lions 40-19, as well as the Cougars and Phantoms. They have a much bigger test this weekend against the #8 Titans, who can be a very tough opponent, as well as the speedy Spartans.


5. Victoria Park Panthers (+3)

The last team of that SEC flip flop of games in the rankings are VPP, a hugely rewarding win for the Panthers against the Rebels finally fell to them. They tend to make one small error that every team capitalises on to the max which is the score that differentiates their losses. However, Pete Coppenhall has got the ship sailing and it could be a huge momentum builder in the season.

6. Manchester Titans (New Entry!)

WOW, what a great surprise to the season. The Titans have shocked the entire MEC and even the flag community. A fantastic start to the season. Normally, we wouldnt place a team who went 3-0 as high, but they didn’t simply go 3-0, they knocked off a star studded #7 Giants team, in spectacular fashion. They’ll definitely be a team to watch, especially with GB Lion, David MacInally leading the charge on defence.

7. Sheffield Giants (-2)

Not the opening weekend the Giants were hoping for. The Dean Whittingslow led offence could only manage 12 points against the #6 Titans, and that could prove to be a big deal at the end of the season when we hit the playoff seedings. However, if any roster has the star power to recover from their bad (definitely not that bad…) start, then its the Giants. We expect a huge hunt for wins now.

8. Northants Titans (New Entry!)

The forever underrated Titans took care of business in opening weekend, with many players making a name for themselves game by game. Ben Roberts shows why he deserves to be a recognised defender in the league, making tackles and interceptions to help new QB, Matt Tibbles. The Tibbles’ Ollie-Matt, connection is real so teams better watch the young duo. The Titans face the Hurricanes this weekend, and possibly a resurgent Lions teams.

9. Grangemouth Broncos (-2)

The athletic young Broncos couldn’t cope with the early pressures of the Hornets whilst carrying some injuries. But almost like the Giants, they have so much star power around the lineup. They do have speed to burn, with Kevin and Callum Woods both being dynamic playmakers, the young veteran (work that one out!) Fraser Thomson at HC and anywhere on the field for that matter. Expect to see them put things right in forthcoming games.

10. Aberdeen Oilcats (New Entry!)

The Oilcats make their first appearance into the rankings, perhaps in a harsh fashion too. They went 2-0 on opening weekend and even scored 120 points in the process, however they’ve yet to be tested by the other big two Scottish teams, so we’ll reserve judgement on the Oilcats for a few more weeks!

So… after an eventful weekend, we see the Lions drop out of the power rankings for the first time in their teams history! It may be a bit harsh, but they did lose all three games in Cardiff. The Spartans are also taking charge with Jeff Bond at QB and a huge matchup against the Hurricanes and Cougars this weekend. The Blackhawks also dropped out of the top ten, but still maintained a 2-1 start to the season, a potential dark horse in the making.

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