Pulling The Flag

Week 1 Power Rankings: Division 1

After a crazy opening weekend with many teams making their debut, lets see whats changed!

1. London Smoke (+1)

Its not surprising, but after some massive wins, averaging 66 points a game, its really hard not to put them top. If that wasn’t enough, they’re just coming off a weekend in the Netherlands where they beat off other UK sides to win the annual King Bowl tournament. Is it too early to put the Premiership teams on watch? We don’t think so…

2. Warrington Revolution (-1)

The Revolution haven’t done anything wrong, and may not deserve to drop a place after some fantastic off season displays. They did go 2-0 on opening weekend, which is a great sign for them. They’ll be keeping one eye on the playoffs at the moment as the other conferences build favourites.

3. Carnegie Flag (+2)

We underrated the Carnegie lads. Simply put, Neil Arnold and his methodical offence have the firepower to fire themselves into a late surge for the ‘ship. Neil is no strange to high pressure collecting ten consecutive British national championships with the Bulls, and we’re sure his experience with the Bulls internationally and GB has really helped Carnegie.

4. Nottingham Honey Badgers (+1)

The Honey Badgers look set to get to old ways, surrounded by some very intelligent players, as well as what seems to be a nice influx of rookies to build a new core. The Honey Badgers will probably be dark horses into the playoffs, and can definitely compete after dropping fifty on the Roosters.

5. Northants Titans White (-2)

A nice 2-0 start to the season looks as if they are heading into the right direction. They have however dropped two spots, in part because of the domination the other teams put in ahead of them, Titans White conceded a little too many points but we’re sure they’ll iron out those errors over the season for when it matters most.

6. Tydfil Trojans (New Entry!)

The Welsh lads made a cracking start to the season, carrying through their momentum of last season. They have Alex Thomas commanding a slick offence and a wealth of experience to support him. The Trojans are definitely a outside team that we could back to get promotion this season.

7. Chorley Buccaneers (New Entry!)

The Bucs started life in the league with a great two wins, including a win over last weeks #6 Oldham Owls, which in particularly caught our eye as we thought highly of them. They do have a game against the #2 Revolution coming up, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compete.

8. Calderdale Knights (New Entry!)

Craig Henry’s Knights are looking like a copy of the man himself, shifty and well drilled. The Knights are a side that are fast and can cause matchup problems everywhere. Their slick plays ensure they use their athletic ability to the maximum potential too. Its going to be a cracker when they face the Honey Badgers, as they matchup so evenly.

9. Paisley Spartans (New Entry!)

The Spartans will be eyeing up the second playoff spot in the division after the Carnegie, providing they can keep the momentum without the Roberto Cann. But they also look a much better outfit than they did last season. Also their logo is sweet.

10. Exeter Falcons

In a somewhat controversial placing the Falcons manage to remain at 10. They didn’t have a ¬†great opening weekend but we are keeping some stock in them to fix this, as they do have a wealth of experience to help them.

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