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The U.K. Dukes take on New York

If you follow the U.K. Dukes on Facebook or Instagram , you would’ve seen they recently announced their trip to New York. In New York, they’ll be playing for the prize of $1,000,000 dollars, and a chance to play against ex-NFL pro’s such as Michael Vick. We wrote quickly about it this weeks Quick Slant, but heres a more in depth look at things…

Whats the squad that the Dukes have assembled?

Well its not exclusive to the UK, making up as a European All Star team instead. Its enough to make opponents eyes water thats for sure.



Firstly the squad has its co-founder, Kenny Bello, an athlete that can play anywhere on the field, and has represented GB for four years now. Kenny currently plays for the London Rebels and will often be seen doing the unthinkable. Such as his behind the back catches world record!

Then you have the cannon armed, 6 foot 6, German, Benjamin Klever. Ben will QB for the squad and has a wealth of experience under his belt, including 11 years of national team service. Ben is also an organiser of Big Bowl in Germany, and has played against many of his teammates before.

Bringing in some star power to the squad, is the French specimen himself, Anthony Dable. Yes, the NFL Undiscovered star who signed with the Atlanta Falcons & New York Giants is on the team. We cant see anyone covering the 6 foot 4 giant, especially when you posses 4.5 forty yard speed!

The one and only American is Phoebe Schecter. Phoebe has been a huge ambassador for the British game, representing GB at flag and contact level for many years, as well as being a captain. She has also recently been a coaching intern at the Buffalo Bills. Phoebe has a great ability to see the field in seconds and react fast defensively.

As if the height of the previous few players wasn’t enough, they also have all around playmaker, Gary Elliot.  Gary is no stranger to the British flag community, the 6 foot 7, Scotsman has been balling for Aberdeen Oilcats for years. As well as being a staple of the GB setup. 

The first of the Danish is, Silas Meyer-Juhlin. Silas has played for the Copenhagen Barbarians for a fair few years, plus 6 years of national team service. Silas can play both ways, and we reckon he’s one of the most underrated players in all of flag. Silas posses blistering speed and change of direction which make it hard to stay an arms reach within. He also has awesome hair.

Jakob Mikael Espersen is the first of the Sollerod Gold Diggers to join up. Jakob is as elusive runner as it comes, with his 11 years as a star for the Danish national team, Jakob has been a force for SGD for years. Jakob played a big part of the retention of the Danish title this past year.

The Allerod Armadillos, Niklas Johansen also teams up with his Danish teammates for the Dukes. Niklas is another both ways playmaker for one of Europes best sides. Niklas also has 6 years experience internationally, as well as multiple appearances at Big Bowl. His ability to stop on a dime a serious game changer for an offence, but also his sure hands will come very handy for the Dukes.

The ‘other German’ is Klever’s favourite target, Fabian Achenbach. Fabian is 6 foot 4 and will already have some great chemistry with Clever, which will be beneficial prior to the tournament starting. He’s played a few tournaments for Germany in his 3 years, but has supplemented that with various Walldorf Wanderers trips to Scotland and his hosted Big Bowl. 

Rounding out the Danish guys is SGD, Jonas Bo Hansen. Jonas is the definition of athlete. He posses crazy speed and cuts that kill defenders. Jonas recently played a big part in Massflag’s Jags 7s victory, where he partnered with other ballers and added another dimension to an already good side. Jonas has a wealth of international experience for Denmark with over 6 years.

Rounding out the squad is GB speedster, Michael Bradley-Banski, even though MBB has only recently started playing club flag for Baker Street. He has played 3 years of flag at GB level, he’s an incredible deep threat to have, so we expect to see some rockets going his way. MBB is no stranger to good competition, as he’s played against the London Warriors and Blitz for many years at kitted level too.

And of course, the non playing and quiet Austin Greenlee will also be making the trip. Austin is head of social for the Dukes, and has been with Kenny Bello since the start of the project.

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