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The Quick Slant: Week 3

After a nice couple of weeks rest for league games, the BAFA league is alive again (for this week), with some huge games taking place, we round up this weeks action in the week 3 Quick Slant.


Business as usual?

The previous couple of game weeks had seen excitement and upset all over the divisions. However, this week was a different story, with the strongly placed power ranked teams coming away with good results. London Rebels went 3-0 in their cross conference games, as well as division rivals Baker Street Buttonhookers, who also joined the 3-0 party. Across the division the Cardiff Hurricanes went 2-0 on the day. In the North, the Broncos swept up with a much needed 3-0 day, in addition to the Aberdeen Oilcats swiping a 3-0 day. Lastly, the Scottish trio isn’t complete without a flawless day from the Glasgow Hornets too. Has order restored itself in the league after knocking off its rust?


Sorry, we’ve smoked the division…

Yeaaaaah, the London Smoke cannot be stopped. We can’t say we are surprised. But really, the speed they play the game is just far and away faster than the rest of their division. Henry Williams has been a game changer all season for the Smoke, his speed is unmatched in the division and possibly, the country too. John Kerr was back scoring more TD’s for the Smoke, adding to his existing  14 from previous games. Their defence is also not be overlooked as most teams seem to get no more than 7 points on them. I think we have a locked in promotion here.


Squad size problems?

In previous season, we here at PTF HQ have used the ‘chicken of judgement’ for teams that wouldn’t fulfil fixtures. The chicken’s use was brought into use after various teams had decided to no-show at game days and forfeit a day before. Subsequently, for many teams that meant they had overbooked a venue, which for turfed pitches can be very costly. In previous years, teams hadn’t finished the season, missed games which meant cancellation of entire game days (three team gamedays!). We here aren’t going to throw out the chicken for Oldham Owls this week, as they did turn up, and fulfil fixtures. But, our problem lies within the low squad numbers of some teams, that creates this problem. Whilst we can appreciate teams playing with a four man team, it doesn’t always create the same game desired by players.
We commend the Owls for the showing up, but with founder Danny Caballero sustaining a shoulder injury, where does that leave them for the rest of the season. Hopefully, under the current BAFA board we don’t see as many teams forfeiting games.

Any more musings that have captured your attention from this weekends slate of games, then get in touch!

It is Big Bowl XII this coming week, so watch out for the previews this week.



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