Pulling The Flag

The Quick Slant: Week 1

What. An. Opening. Weekend.

We’ve been tasked with putting this weekends action into words, and heres our attempt…


Championship Slump…

Our #3 Birmingham Lions followed a fantastic year of flag in 2017, with the worst possible start to the season, losing all three of their games in Cardiff this weekend. The Lions were largely an unexperienced side this weekend, with only the lightning fast Alex Salter, and defensive guru Greg Freeman remaining from the Lions debut year. However losses to Coventry, Cardiff & Aylesbury have really hindered their chances of a good seed. However, there is plenty of games remaining for the Lions to get more experienced players back into the side such as Drew Newiss and Paul Zinkus.


The Prem South East Brawl

Last years SEC was home to some fantastic rivalries, but also so to some of Britains best single games of flag. This year, it seems almost every game has that capability. The first result of the day saw our #10 ranked VPP defeat the #4 London Rebels in an absolute shoot-out, where the Rebels uncharacteristically failed to convert good field position into touchdowns, to result in a 45-40 loss.

But it didn’t stop there as the #1 ranked Buttonhookers swept the Sharks away, they then went onto play the Rebels in another of Londons hotly contested games. And it didn’t disappoint. The Rebels and Buttonhookers traded blows, as they usually do. But in a slightly more unusual result was a Rebels victory, a much needed victory after their earlier loss.

The rest of the gameday saw Chichester Sharks and Reading Lions getting beat rather convincingly, in their games. However the experience of the Sharks’ Neil Henderson and Lions’ Nick Schippers will look to steady their ships in the coming weeks.

Business As Usual In Scotland?

The Hornets really have got the number of the other ‘big two’ in Scotland. In recent seasons, the Hornets have edged each game against the Broncos and Oilcats and left them to fight for second, and that (so far!) hasn’t changed as Alan Young and his offence found their way through the Broncos and Clyde to go 2-0. The Oilcats and Broncos took care of business winning their remaining games, and we cant wait to see them square up in the next few weeks.

Division 1 Carnage

We’ve focussed on the South West this week where, the rebranded Tydfil Trojans surged into first place and making a statement in the division. Our D1 #10 Exeter Falcons flopped in their first game with a loss to the Swansea Hammerheads, but managed a convincing 26-6 win later on. Following in their place was D1 #8 Plymouth Buccaneers who lost to the impressive rookie side Cynon Valley Celts and the high flying 2-0 Trojans, a very disappointing start to the season for the Buccaneers who looked like they could make a push for Premiership flag after a good Macron South West Series.


And thats all we got for this week! Have another point of controversy or big event? Feel free to comment below!

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