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Pre-Season Power Rankings: Premiership Top 10

1. Baker Street Buttonhookers 

A deserving #1 rank for Baker Street after their successful debut campaign. The Buttonhookers are in the Prem South this year, and to help bolster their chances at a repeat they’ve added GB speedster Michael Bradley-Banski. An extra pair of wheels to accompany the evasive Steve Mongey.

2. Glasgow Hornets

The ever competitive Hornets, will be fancying their chances at another shot of a championship. The talent carrying them includes GB HC Alan Young at QB, GB WR Julian Holburn-White and key utility player Nicky Farrell. They added another squad this season, which could mean utilising their athletes on both sides of the ball a bit more.

3. Birmingham Lions

A slightly controversial spot for the talented Lions squad, but with the potential loss of Tristan Varney to the BAFA contact team, Sandwell Steelers. We wonder if the talented Lions Uni QB, Rohan Sandhu can take the Lions to the big dance again. He’ll have the support of GB Paul Zinkus on defence to partner him in the charge.

4. London Rebels

The Rebels rise with two huge additions to their already sharp team. The addition of two athletes who can play both sides of the ball, in Frenchman Jeremy and American Julian, PLUS the gifted Kenny Bello makes a very scary receiver core, and a speedy defence too.

5. Sheffield Giants

The Giants keep their core for another season which will be important to their stingy defence, including Max Verlint and Dean Whittingslow. On offence they keep the hugely talented Josh Allen to keep making huge plays all over the field.

6. Reading Lions

The Lions are back for another year with new GB Silver Lions QB, Nick Schippers. Nick will look to Dom Howard and a knack for turning shorter passes into chunky plays. Its not a huge step up for the Lions to go and play in a the hardest division in flag, as they’ve beaten all the teams before.

7. Grangemouth Broncos

It was a busy off season for the Broncos with the addition of their new Colts team. The new team should free up some of the young guns to unleash their talents on both sides of the ball. It’ll be a huge season for the utility player Liam Fleming and also the talented Woods brothers.

8. Newcastle Blackhawks

The Blackhawks will be competing in a division they’ll really fancy themselves at. If they can defeat the Giants early on in the season they can really control their side of the division. However, they’ve lost a wealth of talent including their QB, Ewan Miller. It doesn’t stop there, as they also lose Silver Lion, Mantas Ceckauskas to… Sheffield. Then they also lose the dependable Mike Dunn to injury. It’ll be tough but the Newcastle bunch have worked through adversity before.

9. Cardiff Hurricanes

The Hurricanes squeak into bottom end of the top 10 after a toss up of teams who are so evenly matched. The loss of the experienced WRs Richard Phelps and Kostas Karras for the first few weeks due to injury doesn’t help their chances. But a strong recruitment over the winter should hopefully subsidise their loses.

10. Victoria Park Panthers

VPP round out the top 10! The Victoria Park bunch are a tightly knit team, with the experience of Pete Coppenhall behind centre Matt Turner. However, the team gets its headline player in Silver Lion Charlie Douglas. They’ll look for him and Mark Streater to make plays in a very hard division.


… and that concludes the initial top 10. We’re sure these will change quickly, with so many competitive games to come, it’ll be a huge test for the big dogs this season. This was one of the toughest rankings we’ve ever made with so many talented teams and players in the top flight.

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