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Thursday 7th September will see a team including seven of the Chorley Buccaneers U17 Cutlasses travel to Varese in Italy to take part in the Vedano International Bowl. Andrew Carr, Joel Chesters, Josh Atkins, Lewis Wyatt, Brad Temple, Theo Smith and Nathan Smalley will be joined by Jonathon Williams from the Studley Bearcats as they take on teams from across Europe.

The “British Blades” have been training hard over the Summer to prepare for the tournament.

Coach Graeme Chesters said “I’m very pleased to be working with great young coaches like Alex Challands and Julian Wyatt and to have the support of Coaches and players from the Chorley Buccaneers in our training sessions. It will be a real privilege to accompany a very talented British Blades Youth team to Italy.”

The players are raring to go and looking forward to showing Europe what talent the Brits have on the field. With 5 of the 2014 Cadet National Champions on the squad and over 45 years of playing experience between them, there are high hopes.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the players to compete on an international stage at just 14 and 15 years of age” says Team Manager Deborah Carr “many of these players will be moving to kitted football at the end of this season so it’s a great way to top off their youth flag careers.

“I’m very excited to represent Britain in, what looks to be, an extremely competitive tournament against some highly skilled players from around the world. The Blades have the talent and capability to win and that’s what we are intending to do.” Joel Chesters

Theo Smith is “really excited and thrilled to be given the opportunity to play against international teams in a sport that I love”

A big thanks to Football America too who have sponsored the teams game shirts.

You can follow the British Blades progress on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Author – Deborah Carr – Chorley Buccaneers

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