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The Playoff Power Rankings: The Final 4

We’ve kept you all waiting and now we are finally here. The last four teams. With further ado…

4 Newcastle Blackhawks 

The Legion of Broon, one of the stingiest defences in the league and one of two undefeated teams in the regular season, what a great season these guys have had.

Scoring over 500 points all year and letting  154 points past them is an incredible feat, this was done without starting Qb Ewan Millar (62tds/17ints/23sacks) for one the their game days.

You’d think that this unbeaten run and that strong net point would’ve given these guys  overall #no1 seeding in the north…but no!! You’ll see why later….but you already know huh?

Mantas Ceckauskas has baffled defences with his incredible touchdown hauls (20tds) and his hard to pronounce name, along with the return of Mike Dunn (20tds) from the Hornets make this offence electric.

That stingy defence will help them out in the playoffs as well, 29 interceptions all year with (8ints) from James Campbell along with some superb blitzing by Phil Watson (18sacks) will slow down the majority of offences thrown at them, with a round 1 bye they can just sit back and scout the teams on the day.

3 Birmingham Lions

The 2015 national champions who forfeited to many games last year and were disqualified from the playoffs are back again with the #no1 seed in the south, its not just flag football anymore!!

These guys looked like they were going for an unbeaten year until Tristan Varney had an off day throwing 4 interceptions in a loss to the Cardiff Hurricanes!

This hasn’t stopped them being an absolute nightmare for defences, scoring a massive 633 points this season.

Qb Varney came close to 100 Tds this year with (92tds/14ints/10sacks) with over a third of those scores coming from Andrew Newiss (35tds).

Other than letting by a respectable 266 points on defence we haven’t heard a lot of hype from the Lions D, although I’m curious to see how Tim Currey plays after recording his only stats all year with 5 interceptions against Hereford Stampede on their last game day.

Are these boys back to regain their title from 2015….a title they could’ve retained if they hadn’t unleashed to many chicken of shames last year?

2 Baker Street Buttonhookers 

These guys had been riding high all year, it may be their first year in the BAFA league but they’ve been around the block before that’s for sure, beating out the Rebels twice this season they were sure to be another team heading for an unbeaten season, until the final game day with starting Qb Vince Machi (66tds/8ints/2sacks) out in the states they suffered their first loss to the hands of the Reading Lions!!

This loss handed the #no1 seed in the south back to the Birmingham Lions just a week after they’d thrown it away. This would beg the question “why have you ranked them higher?”

Well my reason is simply this, we believe the buttonhookers are the better all round team and after seeing the dominant Giants fall out after a two round bye it may just be worse to wait around to play an elite team that’s already played and warmed up!

That aside the Buttonhookers have some great weapons on offence, Machi will be relying on the sure hands on Steve Mongey (20tds) and Carl Szabo (14tds) to keep the scoring high and with a fairly well rounded defence we can’t see this team not making it to at least the regional round 3 games.

1 Glasgow Hornets

Ok so how do we keep the only team to score over 700 points whilst only allowing 123 points past them….making them the no1 offence and defence in the league, along with the #no1 seeding in the north.

There is an argument that while the HNC boast some of the best talents in the league it is one of the most unbalanced of the 4 conferences.

That being said who can’t deny the accomplishments made by the Hornets in the league this year.

I’m not even going to bother rolling out stats and names with these guys, you all know who they are from last years great run to the finals against the Rebels.

The question is after the loss to the Rebels at the Champions Bowl are they still the real deal or are they benefiting from a weaker conference, only time will tell but for now they are showing that they are the most powerful team in the UK and get our nod as No.1 in the power rankings.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments and we will be sure to tell you how right you are compared to us.

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