Pulling The Flag

Q&A with Dublin Vipers’ Sean Douglas

We caught up with Dublin Vipers star, Sean Douglas this week in our Q&A series. Sean has played for Ireland and also away at tournaments such as Big Bowl.

PTF: Hi Sean, thanks for taking some time to chat to us!

Sean: No worries guys.

PTF: How do you feel the season has gone so far?

Sean: It’s been ok not the best season I’ve played in to be honest. An awful lot of walkovers and just not enough teams which makes it short to like 3 or 4 days are chosen and you’d play a game or two and then have nothing to do for a period of time.

PTF: The Vipers won Emerald Bowl last season, who do you think has been the biggest threat as a team, to the Vipers?

Sean:  The Cowboys have become an unbelievably strong team and I see them as the biggest threats.

PTF: Who are the individuals we should be looking out for this weekend from the Cowboys then?

Sean: Joe Grey (QB) is the most dangerous dual threat quarterback in the country. He can throw a ball the length of the field with accuracy, but also can twist those hips, outrun people and can also play safety very well, I suppose playing QB helps that. Andrew Bracken is their lightning speed receiver can beat anyone deep at any time!

PTF: What do you think the Vipers do so well in order to compete each season?

Sean: I feel the Vipers have the largest squad and the most consistent squad in the sense of training every week and having the most players at every game! We’re are also very inventive with plays and work well together as a team.

PTF: If the Vipers cant repeat this weekend, who’s taking the crown?

Sean: We are… otherwise the Cowboys.

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