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The Post Season Power Rankings: 9-5

And no, the numbers aren’t the work hours, they are the places we’ve ranked for this instalment! So without further ado!

9 Aberdeen Oilcats

You might think we’ve placed the Oilcats low on our rankings right? They made it to the finals day last year after beating then Sheffield Predators in the regional finals.

But even after winning the HNC east at 9-2 losses to the Hornets and Broncos has dropped their seeding down and has them facing the Manchester Crows (a team that can be a top MEC team) in round 1.

Last years glorious run saw the Oilcats using GB Lions skyscraper Gary Elliot (26 receiving Tds) at Qb, which is something they will want to hopefully avoid this year as it takes a key element away from their offence.

Hopefully starting Qb Scott Stopani (38tds/10sacks) will be playing, he’s played great this year, being very clinical and not throwing a single interception all year!!!

Defensively they have played solid as well and the Crows will have to watch out for the towering Elliot as he has snagged (14int) balls from the air and taken 6 to the house this year.

8 Cardiff Hurricanes 

Next up is the 2014 national champions, a team I had been tossing a turning about what rank they should be after losing to the Stampede at the beginning of the year, then losing to the Titans, they felt like injuries had them slipping down, until they went and beat the 2015 champion Birmingham Lions!! To then lose a last second 2pt conversion play to the Thunderducks.

If these guys go into the playoffs fully fit and on their A game they are a force to reckon with, Mathew Thomas has had a great year at QB finding key players Joe Cotterill and Richard Phelps for multiple scores, making them one of the highest scoring teams in the league. The defensive core suffered a blow when safety Drew Carey tore his groin. But the rookie blitzer Chad Stevens has been a nightmare for QBs and helped lessen the blow.

I’d imagine they should comfortably win round 1 against the Showboats butany given sun…..Saturday? Or will have an overload of injuries and new players play a factor?

7 Grangemouth Broncos 

Here’s a squad that must feel like they’ve been waiting years for the playoffs to role around…..having qualified for the playoffs weeks ago, or was it months ago?

These guys had a 7 week wait before they could finish there season as well which lead them to their only loss of the regular season against the Hornets (41-20), the same hornets that beat them in the northern regional final last year.

It’s abundantly clear these guys have bags of talent, Qb Scott McKenzie (54tds/10ints/6sacks) must love the athletic WRs in Callum Woods (18tds), Liam Fleming (13tds) and Kevin Woods (8tds).

They also have a great defence with Fleming’s (11ints), Woods (4ints) and GB veteran (though he’s still a baby) Fraser Thomson (4ints) they will be a force to reckon with, look out Leeds Samurai!!

6 Sheffield Giants

  • 2014 national champion runner ups
  • 2015 final four
  • 2016 #1 seed in the north, knocked out of regionals
  • 2017 lost to the Blackhawks to drop to #2 seed in the MEC

The picture isn’t great, it looks like the Giants are dropping in power each year, but personally we think they competition is just getting better across the league. And honestly, we don’t think these guys are getting worse cause they aren’t, they are the perennial powerhouse of the MEC and one loss from having back to back unbeaten regular seasons.

Offensively they’ve dominated all year with GB Lion Dean Whittingslow at he helm playing QB (87tds/9ints/5sacks) he has had talent all around him, but none more talented than little Josh Allen who has hauled in (34tds) this year, followed by Lula Fadrique (22tds) and C Tim Darracott (13tds).

The unexpected and sad loss of Paul Oates will have the fire burning in the bellies of these Giants and I wouldn’t want to be playing against this solid defence with the likes of Micheal Webster (23sacks), Max Verlint (15ints) and GB Lions addition Chris Winrow (12ints)

Edinburgh Outlaws need to be on top form come round 1.

5 London Rebels 

I can hear it now “PTF are you mad bro!?!” 

Yes the reigning national champs are down at no.5 and here’s why, they had a great season going 12-2 but it only awarded them second place in the SEC central and the 4th seed in the SEC, this lower seeding is why they’ve dropped, it will make their playoff run much harder.

We are fairly confident that they will beat out the Phantoms in round 1, but they may have to come up against the like of the Birmingham Lions (lost to in 2015 finals) or the ButtonHookers (lost to twice this season).

Now while the run may be a tougher run this team is still a powerful team! Veteran Qb Calvin Tarlton (59tds/8ints/8sacks) is used to playing big games on the biggest of stages so expect him to be threading needles to guys like Akshay Singal (16tds) and GB Lions one handed catching machine Kenny Bello (10tds). They also proved to be one of the best teams to get scores on defence, racking up a total of 27 interceptions all year they took a whooping 12 back to the house!! They did give the Hornets an absolute roasting at Champions Bowl, but we want to see the matchup again…

Let’s see if they can retain their title!

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