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Super 5’s is BACK!

The event, which sees the each of the 4 conferences from the BAFA Adult Flag League go head to head with one another, will take place on Saturday November 11th, 2017 at Toryglen Regional Football Centre in Glasgow.

The event gives players the chance to perform in front of the GB coaching staff and GB Head Coach Alan Young had the following to say about the second edition of the event:

“This March saw the inaugural Super 5s tournament take place. Whilst it was a very successful event, the coaches have all agreed some changes to the format to ensure it continues to grow and develop. Firstly, it will now take place at the end of the season, rather than start. The HNC won the right to host as champions. This is something on-going so this year’s champs will host next, which should hopefully provide extra motivation for the other conferences, as if they needed it.”

“We also have some roster rule changes. We have removed the cap on GB players, any conference can have as many as they want. We have also expanded the rosters from 12 up to 15. The final roster rule change is that non-GB eligible players will also be allowed to take part. We had several players this year who wanted to take part that couldn’t due to this rule. It also meant players who could become GB eligible didn’t take part, so to avoid confusion this rule has been removed.”

However, the following rules remain:

  • You must try out for the conference you played within the league during the 2017 season.
  • You must have been registered to play in the league, or have been a part of the GB set up as either a GB Lion or Silver Lion.

The 4 Regional Super 5s Head Coaches are as follows:

  • HNC – Mike Scott (Aberdeen Oilcats)
  • MEC – Ben Foster (Newcastle Blackhawks)
  • SWC – Joe Cotterill (Cardiff Hurricanes)
  • SEC – Kenny Bello (London Rebels)

Regional training dates will be announced in the very near future. So be sure to listen closely to PTF, where events will be setup!

Speaking of the event, HNC Coach Mike Scott said “The Super 5s event is a great way to finish off the regular season and a great platform for players to show what they are capable of in front of the GB coaching staff. We’re very exciting to be hosting this year’s tournament at the excellent indoor facilities at Toryglen and look forward to welcoming everyone to Scotland.”

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