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The Duke-8 challenge??

So the UK Dukes…you’ve heard of them right?? RIGHT???
They’re kinda like Dude Perfect but just not so obnoxious and in your face!!

Well their latest video showcasing the AirAttack football from The White Football in the states, well it has a bit of an Easter egg/ teaser of what the Dukes have planned for the near future.

Did you spot it??? Take a closer look


No maybe not, let’s take another look.

Nope it’s not Kenny’s bicep which is what I happened to notice before being guided towards his t-shirt.

That’s right, it’s that D-8.
What’s D-8 I hear you asking???

Well D-8 is the Dukes-8 challenge, and after having a lengthy interview with Kenny (stayed tuned for that next month) he was able to shed a little light on the challenge itself.

Now while all the details of the challenge aren’t finalised I don’t want to give to much away and take the light away from the Dukes themselves.
The idea of this challenge is really exciting and can really help promote the game in the UK if it is executed properly.

The goal for the UK Dukes as a whole isn’t to just show off some impressive skills, it’s to show off the fun side of the game and help promote the sport for all ages.
To try and get people down to a local park and toss a ball around and try making some crazy one handed catches or nailing a cross bar challenge.

The Duke-8 challenge wants to show off your skills, be it on your own making the crazy plays or as a full team showing off these talents. The Dukes have 8 of the crazy skills they want you to show off and I for one am looking forward to trying out the challenges and watching you guys attempt them as well.

Keep your eyes posted on the UK Dukes pages for the #Duke8 challenge

and in the mean time get practicing those sick one handers.

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