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The Quick Slant – Week 1

Hey there readers, it’s been a while since we articulated our musings in the aftermath of a busy weekends action.

So what’s been cracking off over the UK this weekend then?

The Lions Find Their Roar

Last year we saw the Birmingham Lions forfeit a potential playoff place and in doing so give up any chance of retaining their rookie season Championship title.

Just a few weeks ago, we poked that bear with our Pre Season Power Rankings and questioned their desire to take this years flag season seriously.

Two losses to the Coventry Cougars at the NuOla Spring Break had us all at PTF HQ popping our heads up from behind our computer screens like Meercats.

The SWC North would see the Lions have to take on the Cougars again, albeit this time without the impressive Jacob Few in the Cougars ranks.

Both teams would ease past the Coventry Panthers and Northants Titans White and go into the tie knowing that the winner would have laid down a marker for the division title and shot at the number one seed for the SWC.

The Lions clearly didn’t like being provoked and set out to exact revenge on the Cougars, showing signs of the kind of offensive power that took them to a title the year before.

The game itself was probably not a great advert of how to defend. A 54-30 scoreline clearly showing the Lions still believe they can get the job done on offence and not prioritise shutting the back door

The typically reserved Tristan Varney, clearly hasn’t enjoyed the provoking and offered this message to the rest of the league, upon his teams impressive  3-0 start.

Run Fat Boy Run

One of the more amusing specticals in the SWC over the weekend, was actually away from the playing area itself, but rather on the sidelines, as the Northants Titans Blue and Phantoms were doing battle.

Seventeen year old Leicester Eagles Blitzer, Vinay Gogana was challenged to a foot race over a hundred yards, by well let’s say a shapely challenger in, Linebacker, Chris Noon.

It did not go to plan for the youngster, in fact it was not even close! Cries of false starts and being cut up have been heard, but not only did Vinay lose his pride, he also lost £50 in a wager on the race.

Eagles receiver Ben Stapleford has been spotted awaiting payment outside of Vinay’s house and rumours that he may have left the country through humiliation are yet to be confirmed.

The 100 Club

One of the weekends major talking points took place in Carnegie, where the Glasgow Hornets laid down a God almighty beating on new boys  the Paisley Spartans.

It’s always been a bone of contention within the flag community and the call for a mercy rule were once again called for after the Hornets put a ton on the Spartans.

But hey, let’s give some context to the result. Paisley are new to the sport. Glasgow are one of the premier teams in the league.

The Hornets by all accounts didn’t actually go out to give the Spartans a good hiding, but rather the Spartans lost a key player to injury and just couldn’t move the ball from their own five yard line and kept throwing it up for pick sixes on the latter downs.

What should the Hornets do? Take a knee after every pick?

Maybe we could adapt the Centurian drinking game and make the high scoring team take shots of lager for every point they score, after they hit 50 points.

Actually lets not do that, it may lead to even higher scores, especially in the HNC.

The split into two levels next year will no doubt see teams plateau and put an end to these types of scores.

Life is Better as a Titan

As the Nortnants Titans hashtag states, “LifeIsBetterAsATitan”.

Not only did the Nortnants Titans lay down a marker in the SWC, with wins over the Phantoms, Eagles and Cougars Ladies team. But the Manchester variety also got off to a flyer.

In what looks like a very tricky MEC Central, the Manchester Titans posted three wins against the Cheshire Cavaliers, Wigan Warhawks and local rivals Manchester Crows.

The later being a 45-40 in over the Crows, will have no doubt given them a real sense of satisfaction.

The Northants Titans looked like they were saving themselves a little. Despite putting up 130 points and only conceding 26, they look like they could really step it up a notch if required.

The Grindrod to Coles combo was as lethal as ever and should they keep it up, they may end up as the most productive of all QB/WR combination in the league.

White Men Can Jump

The Leeds Samurai receiver, Liam Craddock, was captured by Newcastle Blackhawks Quarterback, Ewan Miller, in a fine piece of photography on Saturday.

Image courtesy of Ewan Miller

We think this reminds us of something familiar?

Image courtesy of Nike and some creative editing

Either way, that’s some impressive hops by Mr Craddock and impressive photograpy.

We applaud you both, bravo!

Always Waiting for One

So that’s two third of the teams off the mark, we’ve got two thirds of the SEC entering the action this weekend, with the North and South teams getting underway on Saturday and Sunday.

If you know of any stories, rumours or tales from any of the action taking place, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Email and we’ll endevour to get your story told.

In the meantime, it’s time for a nap.

Peace out!

Image courtesy of James Brewerton

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