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Who’s Up For Twilight Flag?

Do you want to be among the first in Europe to play glow in the dark flag?

At Pulling the Flag, we’ve teamed up with AfterDark Technologies from Massachusetts to give you a chance to test out its night flag kit before it’s available to buy.


We’ve secured four adult five-a-side flag team sets for you to try, ahead of the company’s Kickstarter campaign later this year. These include glow in the dark tops, flags, balls and cones. Where will we be testing them out? That’s up to you.

Red reception against sky

A couple of months back, we showcased AfterDark’s technology on our Facebook page, and the response was white hot. That got us thinking: could we help give some of our UK flag community a chance to try this technology out?

The folks at AfterDark built this kit for a reason that we can all identify with: when you spend all day at work, you don’t want to give up on playing sport just because it’s getting dark. The company is talking to people in the US, Canada and Mexico, but were excited about the interest they were seeing in the UK. So in a couple of weeks time, we’ll be the first country across the Atlantic to put it through its paces.

Pulling the Flag started because we love flag football in the UK, but we rely on players around the UK to make it great. So we’re going to give UK teams the chance to make this opportunity into something even better.

We’ve been given these sets for around three weeks, and they’ll be arriving in around a fortnight. We can only host a limited number of events, so we’re reaching out to teams who can partner with us. Do you have a great idea about how you might use it? Email us at pullingtheflag@gmail.com and we could be winging our way to you.

How would you use it? An intense grudge match between you and your local rivals? An open competition to raise money for charity? Flag in an eye-catching location at twilight? It’s time to use your imagination.

Sure, it’s summer, so the nights are longer. But a bit of a challenge never hurt us before, right? Do you fancy the idea of a flag game near midnight, or do you know a venue that may be willing to dim the lights for a game with a difference? Get in touch with us via email with your proposal, and we’ll pick out the best suggestions and work with you to make it happen.

Send your ideas to us at pullingtheflag@gmail.com. Events must be playable in late July/early August. We don’t need to charge for the use of the kit, but some partners may wish to ask for a few pounds to raise money for a charity or cover venue hire

Games should not be played in complete darkness, or on uneven surfaces with divots, rocks or obstacles such as trees.


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