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GB Mens Roster Announced!

BAFA has announced its Men’s Flag Football playing squad for this year’s European Championship. Those selected will travel to Madrid in September to compete for Great Britain in the IFAF Men’s Flag Championships.

Head Coach Stuart McKay stated: “This is the 8th squad to represent GB at a major championship in our history and I am thrilled with the level of talent at our disposal.

“We have 4 rookies and some returning veterans to compliment the squad which finished 9th in last year’s World Championships in Italy. We started with over 60 players in April and we are now down to our final 15 and I have to say they are the strongest 15 we have ever had.

“Returning players include our starting QB Calvin Tarlton and DB Rich Cooling. Veteran Kinder Mann of the European Bronze winning GB squad of 2005, provides a wealth of experience to compliment our new young players.”

BAFA director Martin Cockerill stated: “This year’s squad has great potential to make a huge impact on the European Championship, the level of commitment and skill is second to none, and i believe that we have the ability to achieve a medal place this year.

“Flag football in this country has gone from strength to strength with more team than ever competing the great work done by Nick Bertenshaw nurturing and helping the game grow is paying off dividends with the quality of players coming through.”

The squad is as follows:

Josh Allen – Sheffield Predators

Kenny Bello – Wembley Stallions

Michael Bradley-Banski – Farnham Knights

Rich Cooling – Brighton Tsunami

Jamie Doak – Glasgow Hornets (Captain)

Tim Eaton – London Rebels

Gary Elliott – Aberdeen Oilcats

Kinder Mann – London Rebels

Calvin Tarlton – London Rebels

Tim Thomas – Seinajoki Crocodiles

Fraser Thomson – Grangemouth Broncos

Dean Whittingslow – Sheffield Predators

Matt Wilkinson – Manchester Crows

Chris Winrow – Leeds Bobcats

Kevin Woods – Grangemouth Broncos

Stuart McKay – Headcoach

Mark Fletcher – Offensive Coordinator

Dave Lee – Defensive Coordinator

Jimmy Thomson – Coach

Mike Scott – Manager

Steph Walker – Trainer

Congrats to everyone from PTF Towers!

Headline pic by Jimmy Thomson

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