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Power Rankings: Week 1

Like a great striker awaiting their chance for a strike on goal, sometimes staying completely still is the best way to improve your position. Well for most teams they had no choice but to stay still in week one as six of the pre season rankings top 10 didn’t even play.

(Power Rankings pic by David Goudie and Neil Wymer)

1. Cardiff Hurricanes

The champs got off to a flyer in their opening weekend of fixtures, winning 3 out of 3. Heavy scoring of over 123 points and only conceding 12 shows just why Cardiff will most likely race to the playoffs without much fuss. Birmingham Lions look like the only team in the way of them. Their inter-conference game on August 1st is already marked on the calendar.

2. Sheffield Predators

One of  those teams yet to throw a ball in anger are last years runners up. But who will be throwing that said ball? After Matt Lollars early retirement, it looks as though Dean Whittingslow will be firing the gun. With little time for adjustments and the loss off David Saul to foreign climbs, we could see the Preds stumble and fall. However, time will tell and we leave the Sheffield outfit in the top 2 until weve seen them play.

3. Birmingham Lions

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me maybe? Thats right, weve only just met the Birmingham Lions and they’ve moved up into the top 3 without playing a game. How? Why? The answer is on its way.

Please keep reading, weve not completely lost our marbles.

4. Reading Lions

You don’t beat the London Rebels very often, but the Reading Lions haven’t only beaten them twice in the space of two weeks, they’ve shut them out in the league opener to boot, beating them 25-0! A place in the final of the NuOla Spring Break and 3-0 start in the league speaks volumes.

With the Birmingham Lions win over their feline counterparts in the final of the NuOla tournament, weve placed them behind them at #4

5. London Rebels

Its seems the hopes of the Rebels rest with their quarterback. Calvin Tarlton, has not started at QB for the Rebels in two crutial match ups recently. The Leicester Eagles took advantage of his absence in the regional playoffs last year and Reading made hay whilst the sun was shining over the weekend. We expect the teams vast experiance to overcome their opening day wobble, but with the Lions, Sharks and Panthers sniffing around them in arguably the strongest division, they may need to get Calvin on the field where he’s most productive.

6. Aberdeen Oilcats

Glasgow and Dunfermline’s 2-0 start in the HNC North doesn’t have any impact on the Oilcats place at #6. Last years Britbowl showing stands them in good stead. Look for a hard fought battle though in their division. There’s enough quality within, that could see plenty of movers and shakers fom the North.

7. Grangemouth Broncos

The Highland South possibly served up on of the weekends biggest shocks. Edinburgh Outlaws shutout of the Newcastle Blackhawks in a 15-0 acca buster potentially made Grangemouth’s pre season ranking even stronger. The Outlaws may have shown their cards early on, but Grangemouth should have enough to still start the season as favorites to win the South.

8. Chichester Sharks

A final runners up place to Cardiff at the Phantoms Charity Bowl showed that the Sharks still have the skill and experience to contest for a playoff place. Readings win over the Rebels raises questions as to if the Rebels are there for the taking. Sharks will be smelling blood and we all know what sharks do once they get the scent!

9. West Essex Showboats

As expected, the Showboats got off to a strong start in week one. In what looks like a more favourable division, we wont really know if their place in the in the top ten is legit until they make their customary trip to the playoffs. Expect to see them stick around for quite some time.

10 West Coast Trojans

It seems the pre season rankings polarised opinion amongst you fine folks. Not only that, it seems to have polarised opinion within the Trojans themselves! Having not played a competitive game in over 18 months, since the Britbowl finals of 2013, the Trojans have started the smack talk early. Should they be higher despite their lenghty absence? Should other teams within the league be in the top 10? The only way we will know is by games being played and results. But hey, we all love a bit of smack at the end of the McNey!

As always, if you agree, disagree we’d love to hear from you. That is of course you are a politician, we dont like them around here you know…


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