Pulling The Flag

BAFA 2015 League Fixtures In Full

Where are you heading this season? Will you be hitting sunny Solent this May, or booking an June road-trip to fabulous Falkirk?

With the UK Flag season kicking off on Saturday, we’ve got the up-to-date fixtures for all divisions in England, Scotland and Wales. Of course, these may change if there are cancellations or shifts.

(We’ve already had one of these, of course. If you had “Blisworth Five” in the “Who Will Be The First Team To Pull Out Of The League” sweepstake, you win a special commemorative wine gum we found in the road)

Search our big table of fixtures for the year, and pick out your favourite matchups of the year.

We’ll be keeping track of the results that come in on that page, and updating our 2015 BAFA Flag standings tables as we do. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

(Technically, it’s Nick Bertenshaw of BAFA who spoils you, so remember to send a big box of chocolates to his house)

Headline pic by Jamie Ramsay Photography

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