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Grangemouth rides again at Six Flags

With the season on the horizon, the pre-season is hotting up. Except in Dunfermline, where it’s raining. Graham Williamson brings us a quick update from the weekend…

On another rainy day in Dunfermline, six teams braved the weather and playing conditions to determine the inaugural winner of the Six Flags Mini League.

The Grangemouth Broncos, current HNC North Champions, were the favourite for the tournament and they fully delivered. The Broncos won the league with a 4-1 record on the day, just edging out the Glasgow Hornets on points scored.

The surprise of the day was an outstanding display by the Edinburgh Outlaws, who have gone from strength to strength following their runners up display in the Forth Bowl back in August. The Outlaws came third after an impressive defensive stance against the Carnegie Steelers, winning a 19-12 nail-biter.

The Steelers themselves – showing a contender-level defence – impressed with a win over the Hornets in a very close 12-6 game that came down to the last play. Steelers offensive player of the year 2014 Julian Holburn-White showed off with a head-catch for a touchdown early in the first half.

The Dunbeth Dragons recorded their first victory against the Carnegie Reapers. Being the two newest teams in the mini league, this was a good test for both teams and they showed areas of strength and weakness which can be addressed going into the season.

The scariest moment of the day came when a Dragon had to be carried off the field with a suspected torn right calf. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case and he was able to return after a trip to the changing rooms. The Dragons showed great ability in catching in traffic and avoiding the tackle. TJ of the Dragons had one of the best runs of the day with four back-to-back spins past the defensive linemen resulting in a touchdown.


Outlaws 53 – 0 Reapers

Steelers 0 – 34 Broncos

Dragons 6 – 32 Hornets

Reapers 0 – 60 Broncos

Outlaws 27 – 0 Dragons

Steelers 12 – 6 Hornets

Outlaws 6 – 33 Broncos

Reapers 0 – 50 Steelers

Reapers 6 – 27 Dragons

Broncos 6 – 20 Hornets

Outlaws 7 – 22 Hornets

Steelers 36 – 0 Dragons

Outlaws 19 – 12 Steelers

Reapers 0 – 67 Hornets

Broncos 35 – 0 Dragons


1. Broncos – star player – Kenny Mackay

2. Hornets – star player – Richie Moore

3. Outlaws – star player – David Hogg

4. Steelers – star player – Julian Hoburn-White

5. Dragons – star player – TJ Midas

6. Reapers – star player – Robert Shields

(Note: Cool-looking rollercoaster is from Six Flags Mexico, and not Dunfermline. Thanks to Cohete Verde for the pic)

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