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Things you need to know about Big Bowl

So,the Walldorf Wanderers have released the dates for next year’s annual flag football fest, Big Bowl IX! Mark your calender’s everyone, because the 5th to the 7th of June is where you want to be next summer.

What is this, I hear you ask? How can I enter my team for this amazing event? Where on god’s green earth is Walldorf? And most importantly, how much is the beer there please?

Keep on reading, dear reader, and all your questions will be answered!


Firstly, Walldorf is situated just outside of Frankfurt, Germany. Blooming ‘eck, I hear you say. What’s the best way to get there then? Luckily for you, we have the PTF guide to travelling to Germany via planes and automobiles (there’s something missing there).

Well, you can go by car if you like…



So unless you fancy a road trip with your mates taking in some of Europe’s finest scenery, you might just want to hop on board a plane and get there in just over an hour rather than a nine-to-fifteen hour drive.




Quite conveniently, Moerfelden-Walldorf is located near Frankfurt airport, around 8 miles away to be more informative. So once you’ve filled your bags with cheep duty free booze for the trip, you’ve got to have somewhere to stay, right? We’ve got that covered too!

First, there’s the option to stay in the venue’s very own communal “bedroom”. Umm, we say “bedroom”. Disappointingly, it’s a gymnasium. Whilst the the room is warm, it’s a hardwood floor and the teams you share with don’t quite understand the concept that the spring door slams shut and creates a sound that would wake Tutankhamun up from the dead.

You can – if you contact the Wanderers in good time – camp within the venue grounds itself. However, there is not much space so we don’t recommend this if you have one of those ten-berth family homes that take up the whole of the campsite.



There are other campsites within the area, and if you understand German, here’s a link to a nearby site:


Possibly more to your taste will be to stay in a nearby hotel. We recommend that you try this hotel, as it’s the nearest to the venue and I’ve stayed there and it was rather reasonable at around £40 a night.



The well-known Field of Dreams quote “Build it and they will come” certainly applies to Big Bowl. This will be their ninth successive attempt at hosting a weekend of flag football action.

The schedule itself takes place over three days. A full division of games are played on the Friday evening, to accommodate the Israeli national teams, who cannot play on the Saturday due to it being their Sabbath. If you are lucky enough to be drawn in their group or just wish to play all three days, then that’s the group for you.



However, if your boss won’t let you have the Friday off work and you can only participate on the weekend, then have no fear, dear reader. There is a full day’s action for you to get stuck into on the Saturday.

The draw for the tournament is done in advance for both the mixed and female categories. Depending on how many teams enter, there is a full day of group stages, followed by any remaining fixtures and the knockouts on the Sunday. Every team has a final place within all entering teams, so there is always a reason to stick around till the end. You never know: You might just pick up a trophy.


If any of you recently played in NuOla’s Summer Shield, you will be familiar with how central timing works within a big tournament structure. Well, those bloody Germans are past masters at it!

The games are set at 12-minute halves, with a minute for half time and no time outs. With so many teams, there is every reason to have one person in control of the clock. That man is Carsten Wolf.

Carsten runs the proceedings with great efficiency and humility. Always happy to help or have a chat, Carsten is your man for any tournament related queries. As for the non-related queries, I’m sure he will help you with those too, if you smile nicely and buy him a curry vurst.




What? In between all that awesomeness, there’s a party?



There sure is!

A highlight for any raging party goers hoping to take part is the Saturday evening “Cocktail Party”!

A great way to mingle and make new friends, the party allows you to let your hair down in the company of some of the fellow competitors. I say some, because generally the teams with ambitions to reach the later stages of the tournament are nowhere to be seen once the party gets in full flow.

Read into that what you will. However, who are we to tell you not to drink 10 beers and 20 Jagerbombs? Just ask NuOla’s Rudi Halfmann what he thought about playing at 8.30am the next day after drinking that concoction and see how you feel about it then!




Although registration is not yet open to enter the tournament, we thought we’d be overwhelmingly nice and provide you with some contact details so you can prepare yourselves once it is open.


 SEE YOU IN 2015


By the way, the beers are €2.

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