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Week 8 Power Rankings

Lets have a butchers at this weeks power rankings…

1. London Rebels

Having just spent the weekend over in France at Flag Oceane, the Rebels still sit a top of the rankings. In a recent interview with PTF, Calvin Tarlton was quoted as saying “I expect the Cardiff Hurricanes, Woodham Warriors and Sheffield Predators to be in contention.” Funny that so do we! Do we have a mole?

2. Woodham Warriors
With nothing going on up past Mansfield last weekend, The Warriors remain in second spot and will be looking over their shoulders to see who’s in the #3 position this week.
3. Sheffield Predators
After a 38-12 win over Manchester Mayhem on Sunday, the Predators jump back above Cardiff for third place. Having only played the one game, they notch up to 7-0. Four defensive starters out injured could be a concern for future games!
4. Cardiff Hurricanes
Unless they can get their match against Oxford rescheduled, Cardiff wont play again now until August. So its time for some rest and plenty of training to maintain that fourth spot. Seeing Sheffield leap over them could be a spur.
5. West Essex Showboats
You have to give credit where credit is due! With the Showboats it might just be the time to acknowledge their record as bona fide. There is an old adage that says “you can only beat what is in front of you.” And that is exactly what they have done. A narrow 27-20 win over the Phantoms in treacherous conditions booked their place in the playoffs. They followed that up with two more wins against the Spartans and Titans to lock up the division. 
So we are giving them their props and have put them in at #5 for now.
6. Grangemouth Broncos
Everyone up in Scotland is probably more concerned with Chieftains trials this weekend. With that being said its a bit on the quiet front as far as the Broncos are concerned. They drop down to sixth due to the showboating down in Essex.
7.  Chichester Sharks
There could have been a chance for the Sharks to move up after the weekend, however London Blitz had to pull out of their fixture at the eleventh hour so they all stayed in and watched Glastonbury instead. Sharks stay seventh.
8. Leicester Eagles
Twiddling their thumbs whilst they wait for someone to come and call for them to go out and play, the Eagles remain the underestimated team of 2014. It is however giving Mik Smith time to polish up on his writing skills and you a chance to read his eagerly awaited article on flag football pre BAFA later this week! 
You can pre order your copy at www.pullingtheflag.com all donations are greatly received.
9. Aberdeen Oilcats
No change with the Cats, they are all resting up, living it large, watching the World Cup and wishing they had as good a hands as the Costa Rican goalkeeper. Aberdeen stay just above the Badgers due to experience.
10. Mansfield Honey Badgers
The impressive first year of the Honey Badgers continues. A 39-12 victory over Manchester Mayhem saw them take a step closer to second place in the MEC South. They are now 5-2 and a real rivalry looks like blossoming with Manchester Titans for the playoff birth. Expect fireworks!

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