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The Quick Slant – Week 11

‘Sup. I’ve been called up from the bench to wrangle together the best of the news from around La Liga, throw it together with some GIFs and irreverent humour, and call it the Quick Slant. That’s all John does, right?

With a host of feline-related news, #RestoreTheRoar back in full swing and a child of the 1990s at the helm, here’s this week’s (vaguely) Lion King themed musings…

The Curious Case of the Reading Lions
Could a eleven-win team miss out on the play-offs? The short answer, unfortunately for Reading, is yes. Following a positively mental weekend in the SEC, Reading completed their schedule with a 34-18 win over Chichester Sharks to move to 11-3-1. Job (seemingly) done.

“Reading be like…”

As the entire south of England melted in slightly-hotter-than-average conditions, Chichester pulled off a quite frankly stunning 27-25 win over West Essex. With the Showboats and London Rebels already locked in for the play-offs at #1 and #2, suddenly Reading were left with a nervous few weeks until August 9th.

In the simplest terms, if Chichester beat London Blitz (2-8-1) and Westcliff Storm (2-10-1), they take the final SEC play-off spot regardless of their result against the Rebels, leaving the Lions slain in a season where they’ve won 11 games AND held the Rebels to a tie – the only team to do so this season.

The worst part for Reading? A team with four wins will probably qualify for the play-offs. FOUR!!!


We’re now at the pointy end of the season, with some huge games coming up over the next two weekends. There’s a full breakdown of the biggies (with POLLS!) here and here, but this Saturday sees Glasgow Hornets (6-2-1) presented with a fine chance to set the tone in the madhouse that is the HNC North. With games against Carluke and Carnegie – who posses combine record of 2-17 in 2014 – they should be sitting pretty whilst Grangemouth and Aberdeen scrap with Newcastle, Woodham, Northumberland, Godzilla and Big John Studd (possibly) on August 10th.

The Circle of Life
AND IT MOVES US AAAALLLLL!” *clears throat* Anyway, this weekend’s HNC clashes could see the end of the road for Carluke Cobras – one of the league’s most well known names – after a season of struggles. The Cobras have had to pull out of games this year due to lack of players, and it seems that Saturday’s games will likely see the sun set on football in Carluke for the time being.

But as one club disappears over the horizon, the Circle of Life dictates that another emerges from its rotting carcass (sorry for the image). Step forward Carnegie American Football Club!


Carnegie Steelers made their competitive debuts this season in a humdinger of a division, and have come out the other side in such good shape that the Dunfirmline-based club are entering a second side into the league next season – the Golden Eagles. Kudos Carnegians!

There’s (FINALLY) an app for that
Sponsorship in flag football is good. Like, really good. Whether its a gym, a pub or a solar panel specialist, any extra dough and promo can only benefit your team.

But soft, Northants Titans’ sponsors Elegant IT have done something that quite simply blows the roof off. They’ve made an app FOR SCORING THE GAME! No more wet stats sheets, no more “what’s the score ref?”, no more waiting for stats (more of that in a moment).

So no humour. No #bantz. Just a hearty well done from us.

Get ready for the stat attack
It’s happened. After a quiet few weeks, we were sent the individual stats, up to and including July 1st.

Cue mass excitement. Then panic. Then outrage.

At the end of the day guys and gals, it’s a team sport. Yes, it’s nice to be recognised if you’ve thrown 78 touchdowns (that’s a real stat) or got 55 sacks (that one not so much), but we all know that one guy who gets a little too tetchy, and makes himself look a little silly. Do everyone (including him) a favour and tell him it doesn’t really matter…

“But they missed my sack!”

Ed infine
After a week of confusion, it’s great to see our GB Lions’ hard work will be rewarded with a World Championship appearance after all. Following the hardly surprising decision to cancel the scheduled tournament in Israel in light of the recent conflict, IFAF ummed and ahhhed a bit before awarding hosting duties to Italy.

What do you mean there aren’t any Italians in the Lion King?!

The only worry will be the change in date from August to 10th to 12th September. Hopefully the Lions have some understanding bosses…


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