Pulling The Flag

Destiny and Despair this final league weekend

It’s all happening in the Junior League South, as the battle to reach Britbowl goes down to the final weekend.

Marlow Wolves head coach Sam McKee gives us the lowdown on what’s at stake…

It is such a predictable finish to the most unpredictable of seasons down in the South.

As it has been almost from the beginning, the league is tight right down to the final day. In fact it may not be until 5pm this Saturday that anything is certain. The curtain call to such a hotly-contested division is almost unwanted given the amazing talent on display down south and the fierce competition spawning such outstanding football games.

Someone has to win this, and some very talented team will be sitting at home watching the Britbowl feeling extremely hard done by.

After the dust settled in the searing heat of south London last Saturday, the Horsham Barbarians became the third team in four tournaments to triumph. The defending champion Marlow Wolves were swept aside by a constantly impressive Horsham team off the back of five interceptions.The Barbarians mercilessly plundered a Marlow offense missing several key starters and had the game sown up at half time. Marlow then dealt with the London Blitz and London Warriors, who themselves played some incredible football. On their home turf, the Warriors turned on the style on a young but talented Blitz team, including an unbelievable one-handed interception by their talented mid-linebacker.

The Horsham Barbarians are for real. This young team has threatened to emerge in the past two years and they should be considered a Britbowl contender. You cannot count out Marlow who threaten to shut down any offense and score at will, but are maddeningly inconsistent. The London Warriors are the most physically gifted team in the South but can disappear for chunks of a game when they most need to produce.

On any given day either of these three can win every game, but now there is only one day left. If you want serious, athletic, youth flag football at its finest, then Finsbury Park is the place to be this Saturday.
This three-way logjam at the top has to be broken somehow. Below are the scenarios possible.
They win the tournament and the London Blitz beat Marlow and Horsham
HORSHAM and MARLOW qualify IF:
They win one game against any opponent
HORSHAM win the division if they win 2 games including beating Marlow
MARLOW win the division if they win 2 games including beating Horsham
*Subnote – none of the T4 youth flag action even featured the game of the day. That would be a 19-18 thriller in the cadet games where the London Warriors finally won the game they deserved, beating the London Blitz!

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