Pulling The Flag

Week 7 Power Rankings

With only a skinny fixture list this weekend, who were the climbing frames and who were the slides in the power rankings this time out?

1. London Rebels
There’s no movement at the top, as the Rebels look to shore up the SEC South. Could the Sharks muscle their way in? There is unlikely to be a merry go round, however they do meet the Sharks and the Showboats over the remaining schedules!
2. Woodham Warriors
Two division wins against Newcastle and Northumberland, see the Warriors move to 8-0-1 and just half a game away from taking the HNC South. An interesting match up versus Grangemouth later this year could see a move?
3. Cardiff Hurricanes
Due to their two wins at the weekend, the Hurricanes move up into third place for the time being. Sitting on a 9-0 record, nailing down a regional playoff birth and division title. Its probably going to be a see-saw between them and the Predators for the #3  ranking spot.
4. Sheffield Predators
Like all see-saws, at some point they have to come to rest. Having all but clinched the MEC South, the Preds will be looking to be on the right end of the playground ride come playoff time.
5. Grangemouth Broncos
Despite the Oilcats picking up two crucial wins at the weekend against the Steelers and close rival Hornets. We’ve left Grangemouth in the #5 position for now. July will sort the men from the boys and give us a clearer idea of who really is the king of the castle.
6. West Essex Showboats
When the Showboats take on the Rebels, we will have a clearer idea of just how good they really are. With what is increasingly looking like a cakewalk for them in the SEC North, we are pretty sure they will be looking to show the rest of the league they are no pushovers.
7. Chichester Sharks
There could easily be a scenario where the Sharks knock the Showboats down a couple of ranking places when they meet them and the Rebels in future match ups. Also by the same token the Sharks could also drop down themselves. Ooh, swings and roundabouts! More playground metaphors.
8. Leicester Eagles
Possibly rather harshly, the Eagles are still down in the #8 spot. Having only played the one game against Solent in their last round of games due to a Oxford no show, they sit at 5-0. The Killer Ponies are rescheduled to meet them in July. The trips Buckinghamshire and Merthyr Tydfil will give us a clearer understanding of how good the resurgent Eagles really are.
9. Aberdeen Oilcats
With their 13-7 win over the Glasgow Hornets at the weekend, we see the Oilcats step into the rankings at the #9 spot. Aberdeen now have a one and a half game lead and a 2-0 head-to-head advantage over the Hornets. There could be swing here if Grangemouth slip up, however Glasgow could be clutching at straws if Aberdeen win out.
10. Mansfield Honey Badgers
Just holding onto the monkey bars are the Honey Badgers. With both the Manchester Titans and themselves currently on a 4-2 record, its going to be a fight to the finish to secure a playoff place.

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