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T2 and T3 Review – Youth Flag

When the tide turns it can turn quickly!

Tournament 2 in Horsham totally changed the landscape of the competitive Southern division of youth flag football as everybody had beaten everybody in the top 3 places. The dogfight for the two playoff spots has become ferocious.
The Marlow Wolves lost their first regular season game in 2 years in a thrilling 45-39 shootout with the London Warriors. They then immediately turned that into 2 defeats losing to the Horsham Barbarians 25-19.
Ever since the start of the season the Warriors have been the most athletically gifted team in the division and they were firing on all cylinders.

Game of the season:

A stunning 20-19 contest between the Warriors and Barbarians at T2: The Barbarians had the ball with less than 2 minutes remaining and drove to score with 4 seconds left. Instead of going for 1xp to make it 20-20 they went for a 2 point conversion to try and win. A false start penalty put them back to the 17 yard line and the ball fell incomplete for the Warriors win.


Tournament 3

After tournament 2 left a 3-way log jam at the top of the division something had to give the following week in Finsbury Park. A much improved London Blitz (0-9) side fought valiantly but failed to record their first win, whilst a tight contest between the Barbarians and Warriors saw Horsham (6-3) win this time 20-6.
The Marlow Wolves (7-2) regained their winning ways and most importantly stopped turning the ball over as much, beating Horsham 33-12 and then the London Warriors (5-4) by the same score.

Excellent Quarterback play has distinguished the South this year. It is a marked jump in quality from previous years. Will Kubicek (Wolves) and Lewis Kirby (Horsham) and a two-headed monster for the Warriors mean that teams are able to score quickly from anywhere on the field and defensive backs have had to be on their toes especially defending the deep ball.

Tournament 3’s results mean that the top of the division is still in a log jam. For a full look at the league table visit the link below:
There is not much between the teams on head to head record or points against. The London Warriors are sure to defend their house with strength on July 12th with the season’s end in sight. The final tournament is July 19th in Finsbury Park. The real party spoilers could be an improving London Blitz team!


The Cadet league has showcased a lot of quality young athletes. The two playoff places are already secured with the Wolves and Blitz sweeping the London Warriors. The Wolves (6-0) have been perfect, on the back of strong performances by Seb Herzog and Owen Barrett. They had to come from behind to beat the London Blitz 20-13 when the star of the tournament, Blitz receiver #86, scored 2 brilliant touchdowns and gave them a half time lead.
The Blitz (3-3) overturned the Warriors and ensured their head to head makes it impossible for them to be caught. They are Britbowl bound as well.

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