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BAFA Press Release + League Logo

Dear all,

We were delighted today to announce that Football America UK has invested in community football by sponsoring the various National Leagues competitions and championship games.

This agreement is valuable in a number of ways. Aside from generating revenue the nature of the relationship is centred around an appreciation that we are yet to fully realise how best to structure our products and generate revenue against this.

It provides us with a great opportunity to work with a trusted and committed partner to monitor and evaluate the success of promotional activity with a view to enhanced partnerships in the future – be it through Twitter mentions or Facebook shares through to name checks in local press reports.

One of the critical aspects of promotion will be the reach of any partner brand and our collective ability to disseminate a positive message.

All parties are aware of our need to raise standards here and we are taking steps to address this.

In the interim please find attached a series of logos for your use on social media or other communications.

Our full brand guidelines will be published shortly but in essence we would request that all logos are used in isolation and not positioned next to any third party organisation which could give the impression that they are a corporate partner. (PTF isn’t a corporate partner!)

The BAFA lion is central to our image and will be the entry point into our properties. In time each division or conference will have a distinct brand. As such, please don’t use any of the previous National Leagues logos.

If you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Andy Fuller

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