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T1 South Review – Youth and Cadet

The first tournament of the year for the Youth and Cadet leagues has past and here is a round up of each result, standings and even a summary of the day’s events for the South.

Marlow 93-0 Blitz
Horsham 25-0 Warriors
Marlow 54-6 Warriors
Horsham 47-0 Blitz
Marlow 44-6 Horsham
Warriors 1-0 Blitz* (injury forfeit)

Marlow 31-0 Blitz
Marlow 35-18 Warriors
Blitz 24-6 Warriors

Marlow 3-0

Horsham 2-1
London Warriors 1-2
London Blitz 0-3
Marlow 3-0
London Blitz 1-2
London Warriors 0-2

Leicestershire Huntsmen 0-0

Who will emerge from the South?

This is going to be an extremely competitive division, simply because first of all it is so athletic. The South is full of speed. There are some amazing athletes in this division and the potential of what the South has was on full display on May 10th.
The London Blitz are a young team but they feature some great prospects extremely capable for their age. They will improve as the season goes on.
Though the score lines seem one sided, the games themselves were not. Despite losing 44-6 to Marlow Wolves, the Horsham Barbarians intercepted their quarterback six times in the losing effort and moved the football well on the ground. Coached by Great Britain offensive coordinator Dayle Kirby, they are a very well organised team led by an extremely gifted quarterback.
The Warriors are an older, athletic team that despite a 1-2 start look a good bet to make a lot of noise this season. Their quarterback has a rocket for an arm and everyone on their team seems like a sprinter. When they get the ball in their hands they can move with the most athleticism of all the teams in the South.
And then you have the Marlow Wolves, who have extended their regular season winning streak to 22 games stretching back to the end of the 2012 season. Despite losing almost their entire defense from last year and a host of all star players, the talent growing up in the team and the new recruits started the season with a bang. The glue of the team is still Jacob Few, the two time league MVP. He has always been a talented runner since 2011 but now he is a big time contributor on defense too. The Wolves will be favourites to emerge as division winners but if T1 has shown us anything, it is that the South is strong and from day one is showcasing some first class American football.

It was great to see two brand new teams competing in the Cadet league in the London Blitz and Warriors. Add the Leicestershire Huntsmen and 3 of the 4 Southern Cadet teams are brand new.
In what was the theme of the day, there was a lot of speed on display. The Blitz-Warriors game was a tense affair with lots of great running. The Marlow Wolves return many key players from last year’s championship team and have some amazing new recruits. We may be looking at some of the future stars of the game in this Cadet division.

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