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2014 BAFA Conferences and Structure


The BAFANL Adult Flag League has undergone a serious amount of revamping and a coherent and expandable structure now exists which will be used in 2014 and beyond. The improvements centre around the issues you had with the league in 2013 and before. There are more games, against a greater variety of opponent, and on average less long-distance travelling than ever before. The number of teams now officially competing in 2014 stands at 45, a drastic growth from previous years. This year also sees the debut of a league-wide Regional Play-off system ensuring the best of the best get to the ‘British Championships’.

Key info:

* 4 Conferences each containing 2 Divisions
* No more separation/differentiation of Scotland from England/Wales in what it a British league
* Everyone plays the teams in their Division twice and the teams from the other Division in their Conference once
* Every team will host at least one home meet during the regular season
* The top two teams from each Division will qualify for ‘Regional Finals Day’ which will be held shortly after the completion of the regular season.
* Of the 16 teams making it through to ‘Regional Finals Day’, 4 will make it through to the ‘British Championships’
* The 2014 season will kick-off on Saturday 26th April for most teams.
* The website will also be having a face-lift and be updated regularly, and I am currently in the process of branding the league so it is commercially viable and a product that you can all be proud of.

Highland North Conference (HNC):

North –
Aberdeen Oilcats
Dunfermline Wildcats
Glasgow Hornets
Grangemouth Broncos
West Coast Trojans

Carnegie Steelers

South –
Carluke Cobras
Edinburgh Outlaws
Newcastle Blackhawks
Northumberland Thunder
Woodham Warriors

Mid-England Conference (MEC):
North –
Burnley Tornados
Calderdale Knights
Leeds Tornadoes
Leeds Samurai
Yorkshire Rams

South –
Beeston Bears
Manchester Mayhem
Manchester Titans
Mansfield Honey Badgers
Sheffield Predators

Southeastern Conference (SEC):

North –
Aylesbury Vale Spartans
Northants Phantoms
Northants Titans
Ware Wolves
Wembley Five-O
West Essex Showboats

South –
Chichester Sharks
London Blitz
London Rebels
London Vipers
Reading Lions
Westcliff Storm

Southwestern Conference (SWC):

North –
Coventry Cougars
Coventry Jets
Leicester Eagles
Rugby Maulers
Shrewsbury Sentinels
Worcester Royals

South –
Cardiff Hurricanes
Merthyr Tydfil Thunder Ducks
Oxford Killer Ponies
Plymouth Buccaneers
Solent Thrashers

Post-Season Details (in brief detail) –

Regional Finals Day:

  • The two top teams in each division will qualify for regional finals day. 
  • The 4 qualifiers from each Conference will be seeded 1 through 4 with the 1 & 2 seed being winners of the 2 divisions, based on Win %, and the two runners up seeded also based on Win %
  • The 2 most Northern Conferences will meet in as central a location as possible and likewise with the 2 most Southern Conferences
  • #1 seed will play the #4 from the opposite Conference and so on leaving 4 teams
  • The remaining 4 teams will play 2 ‘Finals’ and the 2 winning teams will progress to the British Championships. 

2014 BAFANL Flag Championships :

Location – TBC

There will be only 1 pitch on the day

The 4 teams will gather at the yet to be confirmed location to witness the live semi-final draw before playing out the two semi-finals

The 3rd Placed Playoff will take place then the Final itself

The trophy presentation, MVP award and season closing speech will end what should be a brilliant 2014 season

Good luck to all involved. Leave us your comment below!

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