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Centeral Conference Preview

The Central Conference lastly will consist of the Coventry Jets, Leicester Eagles, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, Northants Phantoms, Reading Lions and the West Essex Showboats. 

This could be the most competitive and closely fought conference as I will explain. The Coventry Jets will be taking a loss going into the season after veteran Andrew Gambrill hung up his boots and has now gone to coach the Elite Women’s Project. But never the less they have been left in the good hands of Steve Podmore. The Jets will be looking towards Shadrach McCook, Pete Coppenhall and EWP player Tendai Chieza. 

The Eagles will be looking to do better after a disappointing 4-10 season with Mik Smith at the reign of the Eagles, they finished 4-10 last season and will look to build on that, as they would of done a few years back. 

The Northants Phantoms are a brand new team to the BAFA flag football league this year and have done great job recruiting. They have played in some pre-season friendlies and came out victorious against the EWP. Be sure to keep an eye out on the athletic Michael Lavender and James Moloney. The Phantoms will face a tough season opener against the West Essex Showboats on May 25th.  

The Aylesbury Vale Spartans will also be looking to start strong after a 2-12 season after their first season in competing in the league. They will have Christopher Lawrence and Marcus Henson to lead the way and hopefully win a few more games in a highly competitive division, with some winnable games they will definitely be in running. 

The West Essex Showboats will be looking to make a big push to win the conference after finishing 6-8 last year, with help from some new recruit’s, Ben Locker, Ant Hayes, Jon Butler and Martin Speller. They will want to push further on in the play-offs if they manage to win the conference.  

Lastly the new Reading Lions will want to make a name for themselves in their rookie year in the league. The Lions have been training in the off-season and will want to compete quickly with the rest of the league, to help them build a solid base for their first season in the BAFA league.

1st West Essex Showboats 
2nd Coventry Jets 
3rd Leicester Eagles 
4th Aylesbury Spartans 
J =5th Reading Lions 
J =5th Northants Phantoms

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